Saturday, August 27, 2016

After Buddha...Dr MGr..His memory eternal

Dr MGR is remembered everyday. Billions of Tamil people around the globe are celebrating His 100 th Birth centenary  celebrations  in Malaysia in sep 2016.The date is 18th September . Malaysians and Singaporeans are gifted people to celebrate this eternal Festival ofa great Saint MGR advance. His 100 th Birth centenary falls on Jan 17 th 2017.

we do not know what Tamilnadu govt is going to do since they are not coming out solid plans for Jan 17th. At least we must Name  new airport in Chennai as  DR MGR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

I admire the Malaysians and Singaporeans Tamils ...They are great...

I am going to Malaysia on this sep 16th...great month.
I am really excited to meet wonderful people on this Earth . DR MGR spirit , His soul , His blood , and His flesh  is actually embedded in each one of us.

Long Live Dr MGR
He is our only great Leader




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  1. My special greetings to Ms Poonkodi Damotharan and Singapore MGr...and two other Blind girs who will dance in this festival...amazing faith.